October 2023


Supporting Volunteers of America: Transforming Lives through Behavioral and Mental Health Services

Substance use disorders have repercussions that reach far beyond the individual facing addiction. They exact a significant toll on society, costing over $400 billion annually in terms of lost wages, property damage stemming from criminal activities, and medical expenses. Furthermore, these disorders inflict a heavy emotional toll on families and loved ones. This is where Volunteers of America (VOA) comes into play.

When it comes to addressing substance use disorders, Behavioral and Mental Health Services have demonstrated their effectiveness. However, a persistent challenge has been the gap between what is known to work and what is actually put into practice. Fortunately, Volunteers of America bridges this gap exceptionally well. They are at the forefront of the field, offering a wide range of comprehensive Behavioral and Mental Health services and residential treatment options.

Family-based residential treatment is in demand, but licensed facilities are scarce. Volunteers of America, with Annie E. Casey Foundation and Wilder Research assistance, created a national database of family-based residential treatment programs to fill this need. This resource helps more families get support:

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) plays a vital role in VOA’s strategy for addressing substance use disorders. MAT combines medications with counseling and therapeutic approaches, offering a comprehensive treatment method. Its effectiveness, particularly in managing opioid use disorders, has been impressive.

  • At VOA, we recognize that individuals struggling with addiction have unique requirements. That’s why we provide intensive outpatient treatment programs tailored for those who can participate in five days a week of treatment while staying within their community. This approach offers flexibility to cater to the diverse needs of those seeking assistance.

  • VOA boasts a rich history of delivering top-tier inpatient drug and alcohol treatment services. We serve both adults and youths referred by the criminal justice system, addressing the complex challenges faced by individuals dealing with concurrent substance use disorders and mental health issues.

  • One of our most significant contributions is the development of gender-specific treatment models, particularly tailored for women who are parents. Substance use often inflicts trauma and instability on children with parents struggling with addiction. By offering residential treatment for both mothers and fathers along with their children, VOA preserves the bonds between parents and their kids, enables children to thrive, and motivates parents to achieve lasting recovery.

  • The outcomes of providing residential treatment for families together are truly remarkable. Parental bonds remain strong, children flourish, and parents are motivated to maintain their recovery. This approach not only transforms lives but also results in cost savings by reducing neonatal intensive care days, curbing expenses related to drug overdoses, and decreasing the number of children entering the child welfare system. 

Help Create Change by Being its Ally

When you donate to Volunteers of America, you’re helping to change lives and strengthen communities. Their behavioral and mental health services are not just services, they help people through difficult times and point them toward a better life. Your support of VOA allows you to be a part of this important work, bringing encouragement where it is needed most. Together, we can ensure that VOA’s life-changing and culture-transforming work continues for years to come.

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